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The last post talked a bit about diversification. We are used to thinking about diversification within a portfolio context, both at the position level and the asset class level. The diversification math is straightforward conceptually. Ideally, you’d like a bunch of positive expected value bets that are independent and uncorrelated. This is wonderful in theory. … Continue reading Attachment


Concentration gets you rich. Diversification keeps you rich. For most of us who are not career money managers (or skilled DIYers who might as well be), we are looking for a balance of these two concepts in our portfolios. There is an ascetic strain of financial advice that abhors any kind of concentrated risk-taking. The … Continue reading Games


In a prior post I wrote that money is like religion for a lot of people. In fact, money IS religion for a lot of people. We’re all familiar with the concept of conspicuous consumption: consumption as social status marker. We don’t talk as much about conspicuous asceticism: extreme frugality as gateway to financial nirvana. … Continue reading Religion


I have a little mantra I like to repeat sometimes. It is a riff on the famous quote from Fight Club. The things you own, end up owning you. The thoughts you think, end up thinking you. The masks you wear, end up wearing you. Me (with apologies to Chuck Palahniuk) If you’re reading this, … Continue reading Values


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