I am an investment analyst with an odd career trajectory. I have looked at everything from private market deals to hedge funds to the most vanilla of mutual funds. My goal with this blog is to help individuals (and maybe the odd institution) make better decisions about strategies for growing and preserving wealth, while having some fun along the way.

I welcome your feedback. At this time, the best way to reach me is @demonetizedblog on Twitter.

The Ensō

The ensō is a zen concept. It is an attempt at drawing a circle in a single brushstroke. Sometimes it ends up looking like a perfect circle. Sometimes it doesn’t. I didn’t draw the ensō depicted here. I paid $15 for a vector image. But you get the idea.

The ensō can be read as a metaphor for life.

The ensō can also be read as a metaphor for a financial plan.

And as a metaphor for an investment portfolio.