Every so often people start talking about investing superpowers. If you could have one investing superpower what would it be? The power to regularly source and legally trade on material non-public information would be my number one pick. But that’s kind of against the spirit of the game. So my backup pick is “infinite and … Continue reading Luck


Let me tell you about an extremely stupid thing I used to do with money. There was a time, not so long ago, when I couldn’t bear to put money in an idea I didn’t come up with myself. This was dumb. I compounded the dumb with a preference for esoteric, off-the-run stuff with a … Continue reading Ideas


Nothing wrecks portfolios quite like fear. The fear-based failure mode we know best is the whipsaw. An investor suffers a drawdown. He liquidates his portfolio when the pain and frustration become too much. He just can’t take it anymore. Then the market rallies. Our investor becomes paralyzed by indecision. He is afraid the rally will … Continue reading Fear


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I am an investment analyst with an unusual career trajectory, who has looked at everything from private market deals to hedge funds to the plainest of vanilla mutual funds. My goal is to leverage knowledge, experience and plain language writing to help individuals (and maybe the odd institution) make better decisions about strategies for achieving their financial goals.

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